CW500 interview: Boris Spremo discusses blockchain

Few technologies have been more hyped recently than blockchain. Lauded as everything from a banking revolution to the next phase of the internet, blockchain has spawned a sometimes dubious new industry in cryptocurrencies due to its creation as the foundation for Bitcoin. But what’s the truth behind these inflated expectations? Many large organisations are experimenting […]

BFI deploys SpectraLogic tape in PB-scale digitisation project

The British Film Institute has deployed several petabytes of SpectraLogic tape storage with S3-capable Black Pearl boxes in a project to digitise 10,000 films in its archives. Download this free guide The future of UK tech: Cloudy with a chance of Artificial Intelligence The forecast for the future is in and, in typical British fashion, […]

Google’s Work Insights helps businesses better understand how they work

At an event in Tokyo, Google today announced the launch of Work Insights, a new tool that gives businesses more insights into how their employees use the company’s G Suite productivity tools and how teams collaborate using those tools. In addition, Google is also launching its investigation tool for helping business better secure their data […]

How ADP’s AI-based workforce metrics tool might disrupt HR

Lisa Maxey, director of compensation and HR information systems at GBW Railcar Services, used to spend a lot of her time looking for information and running reports. Managers at the nationwide railcar repair operation, busy in the field, regularly asked Maxey and her team for detailed workforce metrics necessary to make critical business decisions. Today, […]

Microsoft launches new AI applications for customer service and sales

Like virtually every other major tech company, Microsoft is currently on a mission to bring machine learning to all of its applications. It’s no surprise then that it’s also bringing ‘AI’ to its highly profitable Dynamics 365 CRM products. A year ago, the company introduced its first Dynamics 365 AI solutions and today it’s expanding […]

Microsoft is putting HoloLens to work with new Dynamics 365 applications

Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality glasses have always been interesting technology, but it’s never been clear how the company would move from novelty device to actual viable business use cases. Today, it made a move toward the latter, announcing a couple of applications designed to put the HoloLens to work in Dynamics 365, giving it a […]

Sky mixes Adobe machine intelligence and intuition

Combining human and machine intelligence However, according to McLaughlin, not all of the clever stuff is being achieved through artificial intelligence. “We believe in human and machine intelligence,” he adds. If children’s TV is being watched, it makes sense to promote to kids, he says. Machine intelligence is not really needed for a decision that is intuitive. […]

EU needs clear 5G regulation to guarantee mobile success

The European Union (EU) needs to take firm regulatory action on future 5G mobile networks if its members are to capitalise on the potential of the incoming new standard, according to the GSMA, the mobile industry trade association. Download this free guide 2018 UK IT Priorities survey results IT organisations in the UK and across […]

Instagram will promote mid-term voting with stickers, registration info

Facebook is getting ready to purposefully influence the U.S. mid-term elections after spending two years trying to safeguard against foreign interference. Instagram plans to run ads in Stories and feed powered by TurboVote that will target all US users over 18 and point them towards information on how to get properly registered and abide by […]

Oracle first-quarter 2018-19 results show weak growth

Oracle has declared $9.2bn in first-quarter revenues, up slightly, by 1%, on the equivalent quarter last year. Bundling on-premise licence revenue with cloud licence and services support revenue, the supplier reported $7.5bn in sales for that tranche. Oracle stopped breaking out its cloud numbers in the fourth quarter of its 2017-18 fiscal year. This prompted […]

AI is crucial element of security strategy in the IoT era

Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a key tool in the cyber security expert’s arsenal to fight new threats inside IT infrastructure, according to a global study produced by analysts at the Ponemon Institute and funded by Aruba, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s (HPE’s) networking unit. Download this free guide Hear that screaming? A network security fail strikes […]

Twitter is bringing back the chronological timeline

Your Twitter prayers are answered! Well, maybe not the prayers about harassment or the ones about an edit tweet button, but your other prayers. Today in a series of tweets, the company announced that it had heard the cries of its various disgruntled users and will bring back a form of the pure chronological timeline […]