A quarter of Brits think they already have full-fibre broadband

A quarter of Britons think they already have fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) or full-fibre broadband services installed, despite such a service only being available to 3% of UK properties, according to research. Download this free guide The future of telecoms is now In these four articles, we discover how telecoms operators are planning on side-stepping the hurdles […]

Reminder: Other people’s lives are not fodder for your feeds

#PlaneBae You should cringe when you read that hashtag. Because it’s a reminder that people are being socially engineered by technology platforms to objectify and spy on each other for voyeuristic pleasure and profit. The short version of the story attached to the cringeworthy hashtag is this: Earlier this month an individual, called Rosey Blair, […]

Yes, open office plans are the worst

If you’re endlessly distracted by your co-workers in the gaping open office space you all share, you’re not alone. Compared to traditional office spaces, face-to-face interaction in open office spaces is down 70 percent with resulting slips in productivity, according to Harvard researchers in a new study published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B this […]

Virtus Data Centres plots further expansion of Slough colocation site

Colocation provider Virtus Data Centres is expanding its server farm footprint in Slough, Berkshire, with three further data halls planned for its London4 site. Download this free guide Datacentres – 5% of the world’s global energy Don’t be a Trump. Datacentres currently represent 3 to 5% of the world’s energy. That’s the same as the […]

Microsoft warns if an email is being sent out of office hours

AI-powered services According to Microsoft, the event is augmented with AI-powered services, which give users a speaker timeline, using facial detection to identify who is talking, as well as speech-to-text transcription, timecoding and transcript search, Microsoft said it used live events, integrated with Microsoft 365, at its Employee Engagement Summit, which connected Microsoft employees worldwide […]

Emptor looks to help companies more easily find contractors in the area

For any company looking to spin up some kind of operation in a new region, one of the first steps may be finding contractors in the area that can actually get the work started — but, especially as companies drift farther from cities, that can increasingly become a nightmare that’s quite familiar to Matt Velker. […]

Chad Rigetti to talk quantum computing at Disrupt SF

Even for the long-standing giants of the tech industry, quantum computing is one of the most complicated subjects to tackle. So how does a five-year old startup compete? Chad Rigetti, the namesake founder of Rigetti Computing, will join us at Disrupt SF 2018 to help us break it all down. Rigetti’s approach to quantum computing […]

Windows 7 migration powers PC uptick

The PC market has experienced its first year-on-year growth in six years, according to Gartner’s figures for the second quarter of 2018. Worldwide PC shipments totalled 62.1 million units in the quarter – a 1.4% increase from the second quarter of 2017, said Gartner. This growth has been driven mainly in the corporate market, where […]

Guinness World Records bets on Office 365 and AWS to boost business expansion

Rob Howe, director of IT at Guinness World Records, opens up about how cloud is supporting the organisation’s ongoing push to diversify its business The Guinness Book of World Records is a verified publishing phenomenon, having sold 141 million copies over its 62-year history, and three million of those in 2017 alone. Continue Reading This […]

Researchers find that filters don’t prevent porn

In a paper entitled Internet Filtering and Adolescent Exposure to Online Sexual Material, Oxford Internet Institute researchers Victoria Nash and Andrew Przybylski found that Internet filters rarely work to keep adolescents away from online porn. “It’s important to consider the efficacy of Internet filtering,” said Dr, Nash. “Internet filtering tools are expensive to develop and […]

Facebook would make a martyr by banning Infowars

Alex Jones’ Infowars is a fake news-peddler. But Facebook deleting its Page could ignite a fire that consumes the network. Still, some critics are asking why it hasn’t done so already. This week Facebook held an event with journalists to discuss how it combats fake news. The company’s recently appointed head of News Feed John Hegeman […]

Enterprise software investments may be tepid now, but they’re poised to engage

Have we reached “peak software”? Just like the idea of “peak oil” — the hypothetical point at which global oil production could max out — you could say we’re approaching a saturation point for venture-capital investments in software companies. Recent data from PitchBook shows that venture investing in software companies has plateaued: The amount of […]

Microsoft Teams gets a free version

Microsoft opened up the news floodgates this morning, in the kick off to its annual Inspire event in Vegas. One of the more compelling announcements of the bunch is the addition of a free version of Teams. The Slack competitor has been kicking around in some form or other since late-2016, but the $60 a […]

Half of young girls don’t think tech careers are exciting

Half of young women know about technology careers but think they are “unexciting”, according to research by fashion e-commerce group YOOX Net-a-Porter (YNAP). Download this free guide 7 ways you can benefit from a diverse workforce This collection of 7 articles features tech leaders discussing the lack of diversity in the tech industry, how the focus for […]