Our 9 favorite startups from Y Combinator W19 Demo Day 2

Heathcare kiosks, a home-cooked food marketplace, and a way for startups to earn interest on their funding topped our list of high-potential companies from Y Combinator’s Winter 2019 Demo Day 2. 88 startups launched on stage at the lauded accelerator, though some of the best skipped the stage as they’d already raised tons of money. […]

UK government at odds over Huawei threat

Findings to be carefully considered He went on to outline the work conducted through the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) and the associated Oversight Board, and said the findings of the Oversight Board would be carefully considered in the review. “We have serious concerns surrounding the ability of both state and non-state actors to chain […]

How 5G can start a brand new era for the virtual RAN

Supplier options for virtual RAN Mobile operators have a number of vRAN suppliers to choose from, including incumbents such as Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and ZTE. Smaller suppliers include Altiostar Networks Inc., Asocs, Mavenir Systems Inc. and Saguna. Yet vRAN lacks depth and breadth in terms of its independent software vendor ecosystem — only the […]

Openreach calls on CSPs to help formulate full-fibre strategy

National broadband network builder Openreach is canvassing the views of its communication service provider (CSP) customers – such as BT, TalkTalk and Sky – to help build its strategy around transitioning consumers from copper-based broadband to full-fibre broadband services. Openreach said that unlike previous industry transitions – such as the digital TV switchover in the […]

VMware-VeloCloud sees the future of SD-WAN with 5G, hybrid cloud

The future of SD-WAN and 5G Anybody following the networking industry — or, likely, anybody at all — has probably heard about 5G and its potential to lower latency. Although 5G networks aren’t fully developed, Uppal said he believes an SD-WAN running on 5G could result in “single milliseconds kind of latency.” Another potential use […]

Colt picks Cisco to simplify 5G backhaul services

Colt Technology Services is to deploy segment routing and Ethernet VPN (eVPN) technology on the Colt IQ Network to differentiate its 5G backhaul offering and give its mobile network operator (MNO) customers more flexibility to support their incoming 5G services. Because the deployment of 5G mobile networks is proving a significant capital and operational expense […]

What 5 items should be on your network monitoring checklist?

Your typical network monitoring checklist includes device monitoring, performance analysis, troubleshooting and security. But one network monitoring tool cannot meet all your needs. In that case, make sure your set of tools meets key capabilities as they relate to your network environment and network engineers’ skills. The following items, among others, should appear on your […]

Assisted living system moves from Microsoft Azure to IBM Cloud

Karantis360, a startup which provides an internet of things-based assisted living system for care of the elderly or disabled, has moved from Microsoft Azure onto IBM Cloud due to slow login through the Microsoft cloud offering. The assisted living system is designed to be used by care providers to better manage care plans and provide live […]

Podcast: The Computer Weekly Downtime Upload – Episode 7

In this week’s episode of the Computer Weekly Downtime Upload podcast, Brian McKenna, Caroline Donnelly and Clare McDonald dig a little deeper into some of the week’s biggest tech stories and trends. • Caroline leads the team on a foray into the world of TV reviewing, as the trio cast a critical eye over how […]

Vodafone defends its use of Huawei as 5G trials go live

Removing Huawei equipment from Vodafone’s UK mobile network – if Westminster was to enact a ban on its use in critical national infrastructure – would cost millions of pounds and cause significant disruption to the roll-out of 5G mobile networks in Britain, according to the operator’s UK chief technology officer Scott Petty. At an event […]

VCs have growing appetite for ‘AgriFood’

Venture investors are pouring billions of dollars into feeding their hunger for food and agriculture startups. Whether that trend line is due to enthusiasm for the sector or just broader heavy investing in the VC space is much less clear. According to a recent report published by AgFunder – a VC and investing marketplace focused […]

US government ban unconstitutional, says Huawei

Huawei has filed a lawsuit in a Texas court claiming that the US ban on the use of the Chinese networking suppliers’ equipment within US government agencies violates Section Nine of the US Constitution. The case will hinge on section 889 of the 2019 National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA), which also bars US government agencies […]

US doubles down on Huawei fears as Chinese prepare to sue

US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has renewed his attacks on China’s Huawei, saying the networking supplier openly threatens the US, as the business allegedly prepares to take the US government to court on the basis that its ban on the use of Huawei equipment by federal government agencies is unconstitutional. During a QA session […]

Spokane venues up their game with new guest Wi-Fi network

Zero to 100: Major upgrade for arena Wi-Fi Of the three venues, Wilson said the Spokane Arena saw the biggest change with the Wi-Fi upgrade. As the arena had no prior guest Wi-Fi network, the IT team had to work from the ground up to implement it and upgrade the arena’s internal network for the […]